This page is a collection of sounds created by members that are free to use in any electronic caller that can accept MP3 sound files. To download right mouse click on the file, then select “save Target as”. A few of the sounds need to be clicked on first before downloading. (no animals we harmed in the making of these sounds).

 YDD3 Rodent Distress (Ben VW)

Manic Mallard Duck Distress (Ben VW)

TT YoteFight & Ben VW LAB Pups Tony Tebbe’s Coyote Fight combined with BenVW’s Lab pups. (Deereguy Bob)

Guinea pig Real Guinne pig sound. (Ben VW) -Click on sound first to download.

Rabbit 3 (Smithers) - Click on sound first to download.

Rabbit 4 (Smithers) - Click on sound first to download.

Squealy (Smithers) High pitched distress.

GrayFox_Smith (Smithers) Gray Fox distress